Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Zoo Time!

Zoo Time!
We took a family trip to the zoo. This past weekend we basically did a "staycation", we were busy enjoying and celebrating our little guys birthday. During the weekend we visited the fair, played on park playgrounds and finally visited the zoo for the first time this year. It was a perfect day to do so. It was a perfect 70 degree day, so the animals were out and about.
Family picture time!
He loved the penguins. He didn't want to leave the exhibit.
We did, cause it stunk!.

We have never been able to see the snow leopard so closely. He is usually hiding or up top in the shade.
But he was making all the zoo goers happy by showing his beautiful self.

Had to get the tiger statue shot.
Its tradition!


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Tried to get him spread his wings but he just kept flapping his arms.. Silly boy!

Monkey watching the monkeys.

We had a great time.

Friday, September 05, 2014

A Fair Is A Veritable Smorgasbord Orgasbord Orgasbord"

"A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord," spoken by a very smart rat name Templaton. We had the great fortune of going to the fair several times this year and partake of the smorgasbord orgasbord the fair brings. I took Thursday thru Tuesday off and we were able to spend a lot of good quality time together as a family. Moments like these are too precious to work away. We spent Saturday and Tuesday afternoon together. We got to show Lukie the great fun that awaits us every year.
Luke went to the fair last year but he was so little he didn't get to enjoy the fair like he did this year. We got to let him interact with all of the animals, ride the carnival rides, eat fair food, and just have a good time at all of the events.
He loved seeing all of the animals.
He especially loved goats and the goat loved Lukie back.
I think this had something to do with Uncle Chuck having a goat.

He got to see incredible animals from all of the world

Ride the ponies.
He was so excited to ride the "Sassies"

Of course he had to ride the tractors.

What a cute little stink.

Got to take goofy pictures.

Made new friends while riding the carnival rides.
These two were buddies after the ride ended.
He charmed these two little girls.
They seemed to like him.

Captain of his own ship, and not loving it at all.

He had to ride the "Sassies" again.
He loves carousels.

He threw his hand up in the air and said, "Yeeha."
That's my boy. He loves horses like his momma.

Got to ride this again, this time he was the driver.
We got his face painted and he was so good. He loved it.

We had to get the infamous Culligan feather. Its tradition.

On our way out, we stopped in the grandstand and watched horsemanship competition.
The cowboys had to lasso a calf head and heals and then brand the calf with a branding iron covered in paint. They had to do 4 within a few minutes. Lucas was cheering on the cowboys. He loved it.

He loved the fair and we had a great time. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Haulin' Hay

         This August, we have had epic summer rain and it hit right smack dab in the middle harvest. The rain has been so bad, that almost every field of barley or wheat are ruined and destined for the cattle feed bins instead of making beer or flour. It had promise of being a bumper crop year, but the two weeks of rain changed a hopeful farmer to a worried one.
         In the month of August, eastern Idaho averages about 1/2 inch of rain. Within the two weeks we received 3 1/2 inches and in some places like Blackfoot nearly 5 inches. It also pushed back getting into the fields because of the mud another week. We are about 3 to 4 weeks behind. The only silver lining, is that the 3rd crop of hay looks amazing.
        We had made plans to go to Boise for a long weekend to celebrate Luke's birthday and enjoy Labor day, but because of the rain it was postponed a couple of weeks. Here it is Labor Day weekend and we are hauling 2nd crop hay and harvesting barley and wheat. But we made the most of it. We hauled in the bales as a family.
         So yesterday and Friday, we spent most of the day hauling 106 3/4 ton hay bales and made the best of it with Lukie. He was so good. Only toward hour 4 did he show signs of getting tired. He is such a trooper.
Friday was a warm day, by Saturday though, it was cold and warranted long pants, boots and a jacket.

"Move over Dada, I'm drivin."
I drove the tractor to the field while Chris and Lucas drove the old flat bed truck.
The brakes don't work the best and I didn't trust myself with extra 15,000lbs on the back of this truck.

Are we done yet mom?

Watching his Dada with the tractor.

Climbing the old willow tree out at the bottom of the 40.

Chris is so fast at loading the truck.

Our puppies love to go with us.

Snack Time

Trying to keep him busy.
I tried to record this but when I thought it was recording it was not. But Lucas was pretending that the antenna and I got the end of it before he noticed what I was doing. It was still funny though.
Best of buddies.
He loves his Bailee.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Lukie

Happy 2nd Birthday Boo Bear!

Yesterday, we celebrated this cute boy's 2nd birthday. We started the day off by going to breakfast at Smitty's with Uncle Chuck. There he was given a strawberry cake with a candle in it. He tried to pick the flame up and got slightly burnt.. He didn't try that again. Following breakfast, we took him to the park again. He love the huge slide and we couldn't not miss the opportunity to slide down again especially on his birthday. By the time we got home, it was nap time and he was ready for it.
When he got up, we took him out side to get some pictures of him at his birth minute. This is what we came up with. (Side note: we are having the trees cut down and topped and that is why he is playing with the sticks and the horrible mess in the back ground with all the branches on the grass, it did make for some pretty pictures though because of all the greenery around the flower bed, which is now destroyed cuz tree fell the wrong way.)

Sitting on one of the many logs in the yard. But made for a great prop)

My beautiful boy.


My favorite picture.
I love that he is laughing.

He loves his dada.

 After opening presents and playing with them it was time for dinner. I made fajitas and corn on the cob, he loved it. At a whole ear of corn, avocado and the steak meat and peppers from the fajitas. After dinner we played a while longer and then it was cake time. (we are going to have a birthday party for him in Boise in a couple of weeks and that is when I will make his birthday cake, so more pictures will come.)
Waiting patiently while momma put the candles on the cake and to find a lighter.

Love this picture of these two.
Now if we could get Dada to smile instead of opening his mouth in every picture.

He blew out his candles and didn't try to touch the flame this time. Lesson learned.


I love that he sampled the frosting while I got the matches to light the candles.

 After cake we gave him a bath and put him in his birthday jammies. I tried to get a picture of him showing my that he is too, but he wouldn't hold still. Too much sugar? Most likely.  But they turned out cute still. I got a video showing that he is two and him explaining to me, "Two Mom!" So he is officially 2. I can't believe I have a 2 year old.

Lukie bouncing up and down showing me that he is two.

I am so grateful to be the mother of this little boy. He has brought me the greatest blessing, to be his momma. He has taught me to be more patient, loving, selfless and pure happiness. Nothing better in the world then when he tells me he loves me. Pure Happiness!