Monday, September 17, 2018

First Day of 1st Grade

Lucas had his 1st day of 1st grade Monday August 27, 2018. He was not as excited to go to school as he was last year and the previous years. I sure hope this changes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tornado/Crazy Storm

Saturday evening we were sitting around the house watching the storms develop over the desert. About 6:15, Chris noticed that there was rotation on the radar and not a few minutes later we were sent warning of possible tornado. We love storms and this one was coming right for us. We knew by the time it arrived in Idaho Falls, that the tornado warning would be downgraded to a severe thunderstorm. We were correct.
 We watched from the kitchen window as the storm creped up the valley. We could see the grove of trees and then all of a sudden they were gone and the animals in the pastures came running for cover. They didn't make it before the hail began pelting the earth. The hail was about a nickel in size at our house and some areas in Idaho Falls were quarter to golf ball sized. The noise level in the house was like a freight train running straight through our yard. At one point, I yelled for Lucas to move away from the windows because I was afraid they would shatter from all the hail. It did damage to homes and cars all around Idaho Falls.
During the storm lighting and thunder were continuous. If it were darker it would have been quite the show. In town they found about 120 snow geese that were struck by lightning in flight. They pelted the roof's of local businesses and their parking lots. 
After 15 minutes of the hail pounding, the storm passed and we could see a beautiful rainbow. Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture because I could hear baby kittens bawling. So I ignored the rainbow and went on a search. I found the kittens in their den with about 2 inches of rain in with them. They were soaked and no momma around. So, I scooped them up and brought them into the house until I could solve the situation. I used an old Rubbermaid tote and cut a hole and used old linens to secure them and get them warm. I placed them back by their den in the tote and came back a couple hours to find their mom had found them and they were warm and safe. It was a happy ending to a scary storm. 

Tornado Warning. What the heck!

News crews burst on to the scene when tornado warnings came in.
You could tell they were busy doing family things when they came into work.

Captured this lightning strike as the storm came closer.
Holy Hail Pile.

Just a small chunk of ice.

Refugees from the storm.

Sunset following the ciaos was incredible.

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Camping Here We Come

Farm Auctions

Going to farm auctions are usually fun and exciting unless it is rainy and cold, and that is exactly what it was with this auction. We came for 4 things and we ended up with 3 of the 4. We got a disc implement, seed bed maker and an old backhoe. We got the disc and seed bed implements for $1000 less than we expected but broke the bank for the backhoe. But John didn't seem to mind once he saw it and heard it. We are always wishing we had a back hoe and now we do.

We also saw a 1978 camper trailer in great shape and decided that we would bid on it. Chris and I have been looking at campers but never too serious because they were more than what we wanted to spend. But we were able to bid $1250 and get it. We are excited to be able to do a bit of camping this summer and having to only really load food.
Learning to be just like dad.

1978 Camper

They are excited

Brought it home

We found an extra bed. Had to bribe Lucas to get up it the first time.

Backhoe on Avery Acres. So much need for this beast.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Jazz Game

To kick start our spring break we decided to catch a Jazz game before we headed to St. George. We wanted to see this great team play in person. So fun to see all of the Jazz team play. Each player are players to look up to. They play as a team and don't ever give up when they are down. 
Watching players warm up
Dante Exum
Joe Ingles
New comer Jae Crowder (we really are glad we got him on our team)
He wanted a Donavon Mitchell jersey so bad, so did his dad.
Luke's favorite player "Spider-Man Mitchell"
Great way to start our spring break
We got Dante Exum and Jae Crowder signatures.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Skin Cancer

After growing up in St. George and running around all year as a child without sun block, I saw the first repercussion of it. I had a small sore on my forehead and knew it was cancer. Went in to have it confirmed and they couldn't believe I had come in for being so young and I told them I grew up in Southern Utah. No other explanation was needed. They knew right then that it would be cancer.
First cut. They took it back to see if they got it all. They didn't, I had to go back again and by the time they had it all, it was a quarter sized hole.

13 Stitches and my one eyebrow is lifted.
Makeup on, and my quizzical brow.
I just took my stitches out.
A week after my stitches were taken out. Less red, no real signs of scaring and my brow has dropped. Only have a dent where they took the cancer out.

Thursday, March 08, 2018


Lucas received his second stripe on his white belt. I think he was more excited having dad there than the stripe. He kept looking over to make sure dad was watching.