Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Salt Lake City Family

What a great weekend we had with our family members celebrating something very special. Chuck and Meagan were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple. What a huge milestone for these two. We couldn't be more proud of them. We tease them that this is their 3rd marriage and most people marry different people, not the same person over and over again. (The were married by a judge in Boise, then held a ceremony in Idaho Falls and now married in the temple) But we were so lucky to witness the love they have for each other.
We started off the weekend at the Jazz preseason game against the Phoenix Suns, which we lost by the way, but it was a good tough game to the very end. We had quite the group with us. 11 of us in all. It was a group you would not expect to be together, but it was a fun group. Grandma Bird and Betty stayed behind and watched Luke, though we thought he would have love to be at the game. So it was Darwin, Mark, Kylee, Sophia (Ky's friend), Chuck, Meagan, Ben Bird, Jared Bird and his mission companion (Stephen) and finally Chris and myself.

The following morning we all had breakfast together including John and Cheryl. Then we occupied our morning with trivial stuff getting ready for the sealing session later that day. Chris and I ran to the store to get him a hair cut and Lukie some snacks while Kylee watched him while we were in the temple. I couldn't believe how fast the morning went. Before we knew it, we were all loaded up and headed to the Lord's house.

Chuck and Meagan were sealed in the Salt Lake City temple in Sealing room 7, ( I make note of that because the sealer said someone should) at 2pm. Sealer Brother Swinton (I can't remember his name for sure, but it was close to this) but he was able to explain what the sealing ordinance meant and make it more personal and easier to understand. It brought back a lot of memories of when Chris and I knelt across from each other at the alter. I love having these memories come back to me, its almost like renewing our covenants with each other.

Following the sealing we all met outside and took some pictures. I was lucky enough to have been asked and am please on how well they turned out, its probably because everyone was beaming from witnessing Meagan and Chuck united for all time.

Chris and Mark was asked to be the witnesses.

The happy couple.

Aren't they a good looking couple. Their baby girl will be gorgeous. Can't wait to meet her in a few weeks.

We didn't have anyone to take a picture of the group so we all could be in it, so Ben and Jared took turns.
They are the sweetest return missionaries around. Whomever marries these two will be luck girls.

Everyone was having a fantastic day and this picture proves it.

Our handsome newly returned missionaries. Love these two.

After the temple we headed back to the hotel and picked up Kylee and Luke and headed over to eat Korean. This was the first time many have had Korean and they all seemed to have liked it, including Grandma Bird.

After dinner and much needed nap, we headed to the pool. Here we just sat around and enjoyed watching Lukie play with everyone. He needed an activity that required some physical movement. He was couped up in the hotel most of the day, so he really needed to swim. And spend time with Grandpa John and Grandma Cheryl.

Love this picture. The love and adore each other.

Made him walk and fold his arms as he walked from the pool to the spa tub.

Sunday morning we all got up and ready to attend "Music and Spoken Word" in the old tabernacle. Since I had Luke we were not able to go to the tabernacle but instead got to watch it on the big screen in the visitor center. We even got to meet a member of the choir. She came over to thank us for being there and shook the hands of all the children. Before the Spoken Word started the kids were restless but as soon as it started Lucas and everyone settled down and listened very quietly. It was perfect.
Following performance, I took Lucas to see the Christus.  Where I talked to him about the nail prints in his hands and feet. As I was telling him that he was hurt to help us, Lucas got very reverent, like he understood what I was telling him.  I was a very proud momma.

We met up with everyone and walked the temple grounds were I was able to show Luke the temple and get more great pictures.



One of my favorite things is seeing my baby boy on top of his da da's shoulders

My Family is Eternal

Lukie pointing to the temple.
I love that he knows what a temple is an that it is important to us.

Da Da showing Lukie the angel Moroni

After the temple we headed back to the hotel and packed up and headed out but before we split our ways. Grandma and Grandpa McKay and Uncle Mark to Boise and the rest of us to Idaho Falls, we stopped and had one last meal together.
Like I said, this last weekend was really special. We got to spend a lot of time with our family but we got to see a new family begin as an eternal family. Nothing could have been better, well the only thing that could have made it better is if everyone of Chris' family members could have been with us.