Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Antique Roadshow

We finally were able to obtain and use the tickets. So we headed down to see what John Craig was worth and hopefully get more info on who painted him. But we left with little info. They gave us someone to contact back east and hopefully they will have the info we are looking for, but they did say from what they do know that they would estimate $2000. I took the Japanese fugurines Great Grandma Harvey she gave me when she passed. They said $50 for each. Betty took her Indian blankets and they said those would be about $500- $800. Grandma Bird took Uncle Brent's Indian pictures and they estimated to $100 each. It was fun to experience but lugging around the big tote of Indian stuff made for a long hot day. 

Bounteous Blessing

Feeing so blessed. I have had the feeling to get my food storage back up and with the help of my feathered friends I am blessed with lots of eggs. I have also been dehydrating fruits and veggies. 

Penny's a Momma!

I suspected that Penny the cow was pregnant and she proved me correct. She had a little black angus bull calf. Nowing this little guy wouldn't be on our farm for long I named him P-1 (Penny's 1st) but Luke wanted to name him "Hard to Find" cause Chris and Luke couldn't find him earlier. When Poppi Corn and Papa Corn came to visit, he proudly said his name was "Hard to Find, but it would change to Gone soon. Mom burst out laughing, because he is right. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bernie & Hillary

When Chris brought turkeys to the farm, I was a bit iffy. Kind of like how I was when we got chickens a few years back. Well I have come to love them. They have quite the personalities. When I am outside, they will follow me around and when I make a barking chirp like sound Hillary will answer back and Bernie (Tom Turkey) comes a running like he has to protect Hillary. They completely run the roost here and they are not scared of the dogs, in fact it is the other way around. The dogs are afraid of them. Maybe it is because they are taller then the dogs.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

New Friend Chance Cooper

We had a new family build a house on the highway and they have a little boy Luke's age. So now he has two little friends named Chance and James.  Chance was able to come to our house and play a couple hours and Luke has gone over to their house. They seem to have a blast together.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Chickens and Turkeys

We needed to replace our chickens. So we got 9 chicks and two turkeys. Chris named the turkeys Bernie and Hillary after the 2016 Democratic Party. He says he will either pardon them or execute them on Election Day. We will see. I kind of like having them around.
 The chicks we got several varieties, all laying different coloured eggs. I want to have blue and green eggs again. I still can't believe I like having chickens.

Easter Egg Hunt

We got to celebrate Easter with Chuck, Meagan and Ezri. They came over for dinner (smoked ribs, potato salad, and orange salad) then we headed out to find eggs. It was so much fun to see both kids looking for eggs and I really enjoyed seeing Lucas make sure Ezri found eggs too.