Monday, April 13, 2015

Fire Fire Fire

We had an exciting afternoon today. While Lucas and I were outside, we could hear a loud noise so we went to investigate. Lo and behold we found fireman in the winter pasture putting out fires that had gotten away from Chuck as he was burning ditches. We had fire in the old implements and it even got the straw stack. Needless to say, it will be smoldering for days if not weeks.

Lucas got to meet and talk to one of the three firemen that were here. The guy was so cute with him and explaining to him that he shouldn't play with matches and that fires are dangerous.
They sprayed down the pasture the best they could. Honestly the only thing I was worried about was the flatbed truck that was parked there, the one we use to haul the big hay and straw bales.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

1st Dentist Appointment

Took Lucas to the dentist for the first time yesterday. I thought he would be nervous but after he watched me get my teeth looked at he was all for his turn.  He was entertained by the chair that moved up and down and also by the TV mounted on the ceiling. 

The dentist checked his teeth and Lucas let him without any issues in fact right before the dentist came in Luke very enthusiasticly yelled, "I so excited!" Let's just say everyone thought he was the cutest little guy.
 Getting a ride in the moving chair, he loved this and I was afraid he would break a multi thousand dollar chair.
He would take to the assistant as if he has known her for his entire 2 1/2 year life..
TV and headphones was the grand finale of the dentist. We do have to do a follow up visit cause the dentist saw a soft spot that he wants to treat before it becomes a problem. Then he explain to Luke that he needs to need to drink more water and less juice and Lucas was very matter of fact about he would drink more water and not juice.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snowy Winter Mountain Drive

Yesterday Chris had to do a delivery down to Paris Idaho which is very close to Bear Lake in Utah. After our delivery Chris took us on a road that went through the Wasatch and would meet up with Preston. It was a beautiful drive though it got a little nerve racking for Chris. We had managed to go through this mountain pass during a snow storm.
We woke up yesterday to rainy day and didn't even think that we would hit snow cause it had been so warm the past few weeks. Last weekend we were in the high 60's low 70's and this weekend coming up we are supposed to be closer to 80 degrees. Totally unheard of for March in Idaho, not so uncommon in St. George.
As we drove the snow got more intense and we could tell all of the snow on the ground was from the storm that rolled in or through that morning, but it made for a gorgeous trip and well worth the slower speeds to see such beauty.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Fun Day

Friday we had the great opportunity to watch Kolston and Dekyn while their parents went out on a much needed date night. So Chris and I got KFC and took them to the park to play. They ate as much as they could with the park calling their names. They didn't want to eat they wanted to play. But were able to spend about 2 hours there just playing. We brought bubbles and a soccer ball to play with and that was all they needed. They were so happy and had so much fun.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pioneer Easter Eggs

This month for our Relief Society activity we stuffed Easter Eggs for the first annual Easter Egg hunt that was held on Saturday. It didn't take us long to stuff a 600 eggs and I knew it wouldn't so I demonstrated how to dye Easter Eggs like the pioneers. It was taught to my mom by her mom and I know Grandma was taught by her mom and Grandma. So it was a long tradition and I am so excited that I can pass it along too, not just to Lucas but my ward family as well. Many didn't know you could do this. So it was fun putting it together and I have to say, the eggs turned out beautiful. I just wished I had more flowers to choose from along with fox tails. They were my favorite growing up...
I didn't want to just boil eggs and then have to eat them or let them go to waste so I blew about 2 dozen and ended up with about 14 eggs after some broke while being blown and other mishaps. But I  had plenty to decorate, show and display after the activity.
I didn't just use the onion skin dye that I grew up with or nor did I have the red root available so I looked up good ways to dye Easter eggs naturally. I found that red cabbage dyes them blue and if you use shredded beets it turns lavender/reddish depending how long you leave the eggs in.
I made red and yellow onion skin solutions along with beet and red cabbage. Once the ingredients were in the pot, I boiled it for about 1/2 hour and then added the eggs and continued to boil for another 30 minutes. Then you check the colors and if you like what you see, take them out. If not, let the eggs sit in the solution until you get the desired color. How simple is that... Seriously the hardest part is wrapping the decoration around the eggs and wrapping them with string to hold it all in place.
Blown out eggs well the start of them
Red onion skin wrapped egg.

                                                               Red Cabbage dyed egg.
First egg I tried and it turned out perfectly, especially love that the center of the flower's color transferred on to the egg as well.

 This egg was wrapped in red onion skins and then put into the shredded beet dye.
I loved how the green leaves left some of the green color on the egg.
 I really don't remember how I did this egg, which is too bad cause it is my favorite one. The coloring is spectacular. I know it was put in the beet solution but it turned brown so  I tried a different solution and I think it was the beets again, but I am really not sure. I should have documented how each egg was done, but didn't think about it until it was way too late.
 I didn't just use the basic white eggs, I also used the brown and green eggs that my hens lay for me. This was a brown egg put in beet solution wrapped in red onion skins. I call it my camouflaged egg.
This egg was dyed in red cabbage but I left it in the solution for about 8 hours.
This my second favorite egg. Simple but beautiful.
 Plain brown egg dyed in beet solution. Simple but deep color. Love it....
Brown egg wrapped in leaves and yellow onion skins.
Red cabbage on green egg.
Brown egg with red cabbage dye.

I truly am thankful that I was able to make these beautiful eggs and pass on the art of it all.
So many good things are being lost because of easier ways or store bought.

Monday, March 16, 2015

New night light

So we have been trying to figure out a way to get Lucas to sleep in his bed on a constant basis. He was sleeping on the air mattress cause he preferred this over his toddler bed, but it still wasn't enough. He was still really hard to put down, easier than the start of this whole ordeal. So I came up with the idea to get him a small fish aquarium and Chris took the idea and ran with it. We spent the afternoon looking and picking out aquariums and fish. Dad found the aquarium and all of the d├ęcor, then we picked out the fish. Lucas got 6 glow fish and 1 Beta fish that he has named Blue. It has been almost a month since we got the fish and Chris and I couldn't be more pleased on how it has worked out. He stays in bed almost all night and he doesn't fight us when we tell him it is time to go to bed. It was an expensive night light, but it loved by Lucas and he has to show off the fish anytime someone comes to our house and is has been a great solution.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets

 Thursday Chris had a delivery down to SLC and we decided to go with him to keep him company. While we were there we figured since the Jazz are in town for a game we would join in and see the game. We were not sure how Lucas would do sitting on the hard seats and for such a long period of time, but we decided it was worth a shot.
    When we got to our seats up in the nose bleeder, I got really nervous that he would not sit at all, but that proved to be entirely incorrect. They started the game and introduced the players with the lights, fire and of course the Bear driving in on a Harley was a huge hit. He was so excited and did really well.
    Chris bought popcorn and a drink and Lucas sat and watched the game. (A side story on the popcorn, while we were walking up the steps to get to the upper deck, the smell of concessions filled the stairwell and Lucas said, "Mmmm popcorn!" Everyone around us started to laugh. His nose knows the smell of popcorn.)
     Lukey would cheer when we cheered and boo the Rockets when they needed to be booed. All in all it was a terrific experience that we all loved and are looking forward to doing it again, in fact the next morning Luke asked if we could go to Jazz game.
This is the cutest picture of his response when flames shot out of the backboard when they were introducing the

Momma snuggling Luke as he watches the game.

Big Kisses.
 Lucas wanted to kiss Da Da cause he had such a great time at the game.
 Our failed family selfie.
Sorry Da Da that we only got your lips.

 Got to watch the Jazz commentary work.
Their set was just out side the doors of where we were sitting.