Monday, July 28, 2014

1st Camping Trip

Chuck and Meagan were going camping for his birthday and invited us. So we decided Friday afternoon to load all of the camping gear up and go with them. It was a very last minute decision but we knew we could have it loaded quickly and be up to the camp spot within a few hours. So we did it and boy was it fun. Lucas was running around and just loving being outside, while we set up the tent, the cook stove and table to unload the food. We spent the evening eating Daddy's chili (ended up way too hot **SPICY**, they put ghost pepper salsa in it.) and looking at fire as it crackled. It was a perfect evening.
Tried to put Luke down around 9 but he was out of his element and didn't fall asleep until I laid with him for 2 hours. Exhaustion finally got to him and he was out.
Saturday morning we got up and made breakfast. Tried to make pancakes but couldn't get the griddle to distribute the heat evenly. I kept getting burned pancakes on the edge of one side and the other would be raw, so we just ate eggs, sausage and bacon. Following breakfast, Chris and I decided to go to Heise for a bath, I mean to go swimming, while Chuck and Meagan went golfing. We spent most of the afternoon playing in the pool. Luke was so mad that I took him out. He kept yelling, "Poo and DaDa, " as I was getting him dressed. I think he was convinced that Daddy was still swimming without him. I felt bad, but it was getting way past his nap time and he still needed to eat lunch. We headed to the pizza parlor to meet up with Chuck and Meagan for a slice. It was a nice relaxing day. Lucas was so tired he fell asleep on our way back to camp which was only 5 miles away. But he woke up as soon as he realized that we were still camping. So no nap this day. He just loved being outside...
Sunday Chris got up and headed home to teach his Sunday lesson while Luke and I stayed behind. We spent the morning in the tent laughing and giggling. When it was time to get up we packed up everything and were ready for when daddy got back to go home. Mom needed a bath and needed  relief from the many mosquito bites that plagued her feet. Luke looked like he would create his own beach in the tub when we got home. He had dirt everywhere. 
Our camping trip was very successful and we realized that we could do this more often since Luke did so well. I am hoping that our camping gear won't set in the garage untouched for another 6 years. 

I'm still clean, for now.

Holding down the fort while Daddy stakes it to the ground

Told him that we were sleeping in the tent, so he laid down.

I'm going to eat you.

I knew when we decided to go camping that he would get dirty. I just didn't know how much he would enjoy the dirt.
He couldn't stop playing in it.

He is showing me how clean his hands were.

Kylee and Sophia taking a nap a short time after waking up.
 The day before they were teasing me for needing an air mattress. They realized that I was generous when they woke up the next morning sore and exhausted cause the ground was so hard.

Zorro? Is that you? Nope just Lukie with a mask of dirt.

Maybe he was trying to be a raccoon, you know, to be one with nature.

"I don't know how I got so dirty DaDa, it just happened."

On our way home to take a bath.
He didn't last 5 minutes in the car. I think this is a good indication that he had a great time.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Play Time

Lucas has been playing with his train set a lot lately, probably because we broke down and bought him a new engine that actually runs.  So he has been playing with that often. Saying Cho choo every time the train passes by him


Another thing Lucas has loved to play is a little ring toss that his daddy bought for him. He plays with it for hours at a time. His daddy know what this little boy likes. Maybe cause he knows what he likes. Just a wild guess, but I don't think I am too off on that assumption. He was in such a good when he was playing with this toy, that I was able to get some pretty good pictures of the baby boy.


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Happy 4th of July and Happy 40th Birthday

We celebrated Chris' and our nations birthday very low key and I am glad we did. It was very enjoyable. We went to breakfast and had a feast of yummy goodness at the Griddle, one of our favorite places in Meridian. Chris took Jackson and Jayden Fullmer to the movie while I put Lucas down for a nap and tried to get rid of my headache. For dinner we went to Tucano's Brazilian Restaurant and had a great dinner with Betty, Darwin and Lucas, while the other two boys stayed home. On our way back we stopped off and got some fireworks to shoot off and boy did Lucas love them. I thought he might be a little scared of them, but he loved them. He couldn't get enough of  them. To finalize the night, we decided to go on top of the hill close by and we were able to watch several firework displays that were going off in the valley. It was very surreal to see what it would be like to have actual bombs going off every where in the valley.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Family Hiking under the Tetons

Saturday June 28th we had all the intentions of going to a event up in Driggs  but it was cold and wet and personally I didn't want to be among a huge crowd. So we headed toward the mountains and ended up just beneath the Tetons along the Table Rock Trail. It was gorgeous and much better way of spending the day. Plus it was so much cheaper too. Along the road we found this roaring spring coming down the mountain and took some great pictures of the family. On the way back Lucas and Chris stopped and picked a wildflower. Lucas gave Betty and I each a beautiful flower.

      The flower Lukie picked for me.
   He picked this by himself so he could smell it and I was lucky enough to catch it on camera.
Another lucky shot I got with Lukie and Chris. I love these two.

                Here Grandma

Saturday, June 21, 2014

1st 3D Movie

We took Lucas to his first real movie. It was How To Train Your Dragon 2. 
       We thought since he loved wearing his sunglasses that he would were the 3D glasses, well he did for like 20 minutes. He did pretty good but we lost his attention about half way through. I think if it were a regular movie he would have watched the whole thing. Not having the glasses on, made for a blurry movie, hence the lost attention. But we had a good time despite it.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Busy and Unpredictable Saturday

We started the day out thinking we would get such and such done, but it didn't turn out that way. So we made the most if it. It took twice as long as told to fix the brakes and lube the truck so we went to the Tautphaus park and played on the mini play land. Here Luke rode many rides. After the truck was finally ready, we got a call that we didn't have anyone to do a bag delivery since all of the drivers were out at the local beer fest. So Chris and the rest of us headed to Jackson. There we let Luke play on yet another play land. He rode the slides over and over again. He was not happy when we left. So our day was not spent spraying weeds, mowing the lawn, or straightening the house, but it was a good day anyway and I got some great pictures and videos of it.

 3 carousel rides in a week in 3 different cities and states. 
He loved the cho cho ride the best so he rode it twice.