Sunday, August 31, 2014

Haulin' Hay

         This August, we have had epic summer rain and it hit right smack dab in the middle harvest. The rain has been so bad, that almost every field of barley or wheat are ruined and destined for the cattle feed bins instead of making beer or flour. It had promise of being a bumper crop year, but the two weeks of rain changed a hopeful farmer to a worried one.
         In the month of August, eastern Idaho averages about 1/2 inch of rain. Within the two weeks we received 3 1/2 inches and in some places like Blackfoot nearly 5 inches. It also pushed back getting into the fields because of the mud another week. We are about 3 to 4 weeks behind. The only silver lining, is that the 3rd crop of hay looks amazing.
        We had made plans to go to Boise for a long weekend to celebrate Luke's birthday and enjoy Labor day, but because of the rain it was postponed a couple of weeks. Here it is Labor Day weekend and we are hauling 2nd crop hay and harvesting barley and wheat. But we made the most of it. We hauled in the bales as a family.
         So yesterday and Friday, we spent most of the day hauling 106 3/4 ton hay bales and made the best of it with Lukie. He was so good. Only toward hour 4 did he show signs of getting tired. He is such a trooper.
Friday was a warm day, by Saturday though, it was cold and warranted long pants, boots and a jacket.

"Move over Dada, I'm drivin."
I drove the tractor to the field while Chris and Lucas drove the old flat bed truck.
The brakes don't work the best and I didn't trust myself with extra 15,000lbs on the back of this truck.

Are we done yet mom?

Watching his Dada with the tractor.

Climbing the old willow tree out at the bottom of the 40.

Chris is so fast at loading the truck.

Our puppies love to go with us.

Snack Time

Trying to keep him busy.
I tried to record this but when I thought it was recording it was not. But Lucas was pretending that the antenna and I got the end of it before he noticed what I was doing. It was still funny though.
Best of buddies.
He loves his Bailee.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Lukie

Happy 2nd Birthday Boo Bear!

Yesterday, we celebrated this cute boy's 2nd birthday. We started the day off by going to breakfast at Smitty's with Uncle Chuck. There he was given a strawberry cake with a candle in it. He tried to pick the flame up and got slightly burnt.. He didn't try that again. Following breakfast, we took him to the park again. He love the huge slide and we couldn't not miss the opportunity to slide down again especially on his birthday. By the time we got home, it was nap time and he was ready for it.
When he got up, we took him out side to get some pictures of him at his birth minute. This is what we came up with. (Side note: we are having the trees cut down and topped and that is why he is playing with the sticks and the horrible mess in the back ground with all the branches on the grass, it did make for some pretty pictures though because of all the greenery around the flower bed, which is now destroyed cuz tree fell the wrong way.)

Sitting on one of the many logs in the yard. But made for a great prop)

My beautiful boy.


My favorite picture.
I love that he is laughing.

He loves his dada.

 After opening presents and playing with them it was time for dinner. I made fajitas and corn on the cob, he loved it. At a whole ear of corn, avocado and the steak meat and peppers from the fajitas. After dinner we played a while longer and then it was cake time. (we are going to have a birthday party for him in Boise in a couple of weeks and that is when I will make his birthday cake, so more pictures will come.)
Waiting patiently while momma put the candles on the cake and to find a lighter.

Love this picture of these two.
Now if we could get Dada to smile instead of opening his mouth in every picture.

He blew out his candles and didn't try to touch the flame this time. Lesson learned.


I love that he sampled the frosting while I got the matches to light the candles.

 After cake we gave him a bath and put him in his birthday jammies. I tried to get a picture of him showing my that he is too, but he wouldn't hold still. Too much sugar? Most likely.  But they turned out cute still. I got a video showing that he is two and him explaining to me, "Two Mom!" So he is officially 2. I can't believe I have a 2 year old.

Lukie bouncing up and down showing me that he is two.

I am so grateful to be the mother of this little boy. He has brought me the greatest blessing, to be his momma. He has taught me to be more patient, loving, selfless and pure happiness. Nothing better in the world then when he tells me he loves me. Pure Happiness!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Big!

Lucas is getting so smart and big. He is constantly amazing this momma. The other night he had on of the tablets and was playing on an ap. I went over to see what he was up to and I found him playing an ap. that makes you figure out how to accomplish a task by using the tools and equipment given. It will even give you extra pieces, so it can get confusing. Well this little bug of mine, was figuring it out all by himself. He would try a tool and if it didn't work he went to the next. Before I knew it, he had it figured out. I couldn't be more proud of my little guy. I had to get a video of it. There was one puzzle that had a cat and he would scream as he walked to the strawberry patch and Luke would crack up every time he heard the cat. I tried to get that one on video but he wouldn't do it again. He wanted the next puzzle.
We have been having so much rain the past two weeks that we are all getting cabin fever. Today we decided since we could see a break in the weather that we would take Luke to a new park so he could play until the rain showed up again. We took him to a little park down by the Temple and river. It had some amazing equipment. Slide 3 stories all and a few others that were a bit smaller. I thought the tall slide would intimidate the little bug, but nope. He loved it, and went down several times. I even went down with him at the same time. It was so fun and a great memory of my little 1 year old (for a few more days anyway.)


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

St. George Trip Summer 2014 (August 6 thru Aug 11th)

We had a great opportunity to head to St. George for a very spontaneous trip. Dad and mom called on Sunday to see if we could and we decided that we could head down on Wednesday. Very spontaneous, but we had all things finished, what we could anyway. It had been raining so we couldn't cut the hay and that was the clincher that allowed us to take the trip.  On our way down, we stopped at Rachel's house to pick up her 3 kids, so she could focus on Annie and her upcoming surgery. We arrived in St. George late Wednesday, but that didn't stop us from taking a trip to DQ for ice cream, so we all loaded back up into the truck for ice cream. Dave and Andrea were good enough to wait for us to get there.

Thursday I had to work but most of the day but the kids played well in the back yard in Grandma and Grandpa's new yard. The spent hours out there playing on the old horse tire swing and in the sand box.

That evening mom took us out to Tuacahn to see "The Little Mermaid," while dad watched Lucas and Kyler (Dave and Andrea were out for dinner for their wedding anniversary.) I wasn't sure how the would depict being under water in the ocean and they knocked it out of the park. They were able to create a screen of water and then projected ocean scene onto the water curtain. The mermaids and Ursula were on some kind of mechanical scooters and they literally were floating across the stage. Chris and I loved it and I know the little kids loved it, even Kaleb. He kept trying to figure out how they were doing everything. We got back to mom's house late and just put the babies to bed.

Friday, I had to work again, but we just put the kidlets out to the yard during the mid morning and then we took them to the Dixie Center's Nature Museum. The kids loved that they had there own little binoculars to search out all of the animals. We spent several hours there and then went home. The kids were wiped out. Mom and dad were so great to watch Lucas so Chris and I could attend a temple session. It has been a while since we have been to the St. George temple it was nice. We were able to sit in the exact same sealing room where we were married 16 years ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Following the session, we went to dinner. So we had a dinner and a movie for our date night.

Everyone enjoying grandma's sandbox. They had sand in there hair and made another sandbox in the bath tub.
Saturday - We started our day having lunch together at Costa Vida and then headed up to Veyo Pool. I had so many memories at this pool. It was a nice get away from the heat of St. George. 5 degrees and cool spring water makes a huge difference. It was perfect, exactly how I remembered it, minus the slide and diving board. But we all enjoyed it.

We were playing catch between, Dave, Chris and I with Kyler and Lucas.

They were loving it.

Brynna and Hanna were too big but I was able to give them a little throw.

Chris and I were trying to teach Kyler and Lucas to blow bubbles in the water. They wouldn't do it. But didn't mind getting their heads under when we were tossing them.

Grandpa finally came into the pool and when he did Kyler yelled that the whale was going to get him. Grandpa had to be the whale since Kyler was the shark and trying to eat Grandma. It made mom, Andrea and I giggle. Makes me wonder if he remember the whale bit from our trip to Sea World.

Crossing the bridge of the creek where I used to catch crawdads when I was little.

I love my boys, even if one has a blue mouth from drinking a Gatorade.
Saturday evening, Grandpa took all the little kids for a ride down the "Ice Cream Road". So glad this tradition has carried on. Grandpa Cornwell would take us as kids to get ice cream in his little car and Grandpa Cox would always take us down the road to his room where he kept a freezer full of ice cream.
Lucas was tiny the last time he road in the car so he loved it. He got to ride with Kyler and they were both stylin' with their sun glasses on. It cracked Andrea and I up. 
I couldn't get a picture of Grandpa smiling, imagine that.
 I do know that he does enjoy it even if his expression doesn't show it.

I have a feeling, that these two boys will be best buddies when they are together, and a handful.

Sunday, was Hannah's birthday. But we started the day off by going to church and then dad broke out his Traeger and put some yummy baby back ribs on the grill to smoke. I am usually not around when he makes yummy food and just have to salivate over his text messages with the yummy food, but this time we were actually going to be able to savor the yumminess. Mom had prepared a beautiful meal and we had a mini thanksgiving feast with family all around to enjoy it. Grandma Cox, Dave, Andrea and Kyler came over for dinner. 
The yummy ribs. They were so good!

Our birthday girl waiting for dinner.

Lucas waiting patiently for dinner.
Talking amongst the family as we get the table set and you can see the goofy kids in the back ground playing.
Brynna making faces at the boys as they play with their plates.

Following dinner, we did a piñata for Hannah's birthday. Chris and I ironically had this piñata in our car, (we intended to use it for Chuck's birthday as a gag, but didn't do it), so dad hung it off  the big tree and was controlling it from off the balcony. We had a blast watching the kids try to hit the piñata and even laughed harder when Kyler figured out that a chair would bring him closer to the target. He wanted an leg up and was clever enough to figure it out. 

The loot.
 Too bad all the chocolate was melted.
We ended our evening having Hannah open up her presents and eating ginormous cupcakes. I could only eat 1/2 of it, but the little kids insisted to have full ones.
Hannah got Frozen dolls and Princess paperdolls.

She had a good birthday even though it was away from her mom and dad.
Grandma didn't have a candle to put in the cake so she improvised and used a match.
Hannah didn't care, she got to still blow it out. 
Kyler and his cupcake.

I was lucky that I was able to get away with only giving Lucas half of one.
He didn't notice or care, thank goodness.

Love this girl. While we were down here she lost a tooth and was visited by the Tooth Fairy.
You would think he would be happy to eat a cupcake.
Love this lady.
So glad she felt well enough to come and join us with all our craziness.

Lucas was singing for his dear Great-grandma Cox.
He sang "I Am A Child of God", and "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree." 

Kyler still eating his cupcake.

Monday, we headed home. It was late in the day but we headed home. Chris had to get his car detailed. On the way down we had given the kids a bottle sof milk and in the heat one of them had exploded and stunk so badly. So in order to survive the trip, we had the truck detailed out.
It was so much fun to spend a great weekend with my family. I so love them and cherish the time we had with each and everyone of them. Just wished that we had everyone with us. Kelle and Gene with their two kids, Maggie and Ron with theirs and Rachel, Brandon and Annie.