Monday, May 05, 2014

Lucas Clark Orval Avery @ 20 Months

Lucas loves to be outside, and throws major tantrums when he is forced into the house. He love the animals are around the farm, though we are trying to teach him not to pull the cats' tails.  He especially loves his Baylee girl and she equally loves him. When she sits by him, he will automatically hug her without being asked to.
He loves tractors, 4 wheelers, cars and has been getting into trains lately, (his Great-Grandpa Hilton, would be pleased). He loves people, for the most part.. There is one exception and that is Sister Sally Baird, the conductor for Primary's singing time. He isn't too sure of her,(not sure why, she is the sweetest person) but he is gradually warming up to her because we are forcing him to interact with her.  It is funny to see him be outgoing until he sees and her and then he comes running to me.
Lucas loves going on delivery trips with Uncle Chuck and Daddy. He is one of the guys, when he is with the two of them.



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Val said...

What a little man :) those are great pics.